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Willow, June 7, 1997-May 13, 2014

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I had to say goodbye to my dear, sweet Willow the night I got to Kentucky to set sheep at the Bluegrass. She had been having good days and bad days, but more bad than good, and it became clear by the time we got to Lexington that her heart was just no longer compensating.


I've talked a lot about Willow over my years here, and I don't have to heart to retell those stories now. Bless Eleanor Peavy for knowing who to send me to, and Central Kentucky Veterinary Services for being sensitive to my needs as I said good bye.


Even trying to write this is making me cry. Even though it's been two weeks, I still have no words to share.


So I will share the card my sister sent me.


The poem she wrote:




old dog


the journey started

with you


go now

good dog

I love you

that'll do


--Renee Poudrier









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Oh dear. So sorry to read this. It's tough. The hurt won't go away, ever. But the memories and the love will compensate, eventually.

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I am grateful I was able to see you, however briefly, and give you all I had to offer, which was a heartfelt hug and some mutual tears. I know how much you love your dogs and how much they love and respect you.


Willow was a life-changer. Without her (and without Celt in my case) our paths might never have crossed. So I, too, am grateful for what Willow brought into my life, a person I am proud to call my friend.

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like a willow, you will bend, but you will not break- but it may feel like you might. that'll do Willow. my condolences to you Julie.

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I’m so sorry for your loss, Julie. The day I read about Willow I cried for you. How do you say good-bye to someone who changed your life as much as Willow did? You were so lucky to have had her in your life. Run free, Willow.

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She will be waiting for you I'm sure.


There are no words that can possibly ease the broken hole in your heart but know that we all feel your pain and let it soften your tears just a tiny bit.

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I am so very, very sorry. Your sister's poem says it all.


Run free, Willow! I know you leave a gaping hole right now - I hope in time the pain eases, leaving only the memories of all the good times.

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