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A couple of problems when searching the forums. Sometimes when I search it will tell me there are no results for that term ("low fat", "dog", "raw", "pancreatitis".) If I hit the search button a second time it will sometimes bring me back results, without my having altered the search term.


I understand some forums will not allow you to search terms with fewer than 4 letters, what I don't understand is why it sometimes works when you try the same thing again. 'Flood control' makes this a bit slower to do.

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Also, when you're searching your own content, and it says 'search limited from August 2013"- is there any way to search further back than that?


I'm searching 'collar' in the general forums and I get only two results, that cannot be right.


I'm not nit-picking, I understand these things happen with electronic searches, it's not a huge deal. I have however seen lots of cases where people kept quiet about a glitch because it wasn't a big deal, when someone would have benefited from knowing about that glitch. So just in case I always like to inform forum ppl of these things.

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