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Golan's First B-day!

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Today is Golan's first birthday. (Wait, wasn't the *first* b-day the day he was whelped? :wacko: ) I thank God for this pup every day; and I just wanted to express my gratitude somewhere.


I bought Golan back in November at 15 weeks. His first owners were nice people who just decided that their two older dogs could't handle him. Our gain. My wife is as crazy about him as I; and our other animals all seem to think he is fine.


I initially planned on spending many day long hikes with him in the mountains around town. I thought I might even return to canine SAR if he appeared a good prospect. Just the sort of life for a non-herding Border Collie, eh?


Within a few weeks I was getting progressively ill. Our walks were cut short. The past 6 months of tests and chemotherapy meant my poor pup just didn't get anything near the activity I promised him; and I felt badly about that. I've had a work dog (a big Lab) before, and respect the activity and stimulation they need.


Golan simply has taken it all in stride, and switched gears. I don't how that worked for him. He has been patient, sweet, and laid back. He has spent hours by my side just keeping me comforted with little sign of boredom or dissatisfaction. He quietly hangs out or snoozes, watching for a chance to go out together - even if only to kick his ball in the backyard for a few minutes. I marvel at how I got way more than I bargained for in this pup. I don't know how I can ever repay him for the simple, sweet loyalty he has displayed. Next to my wife, he has been my biggest earthly comfort and support. All silent and sweet.


Yesterday we took our longest walk in months. Only an hour (not including a few minutes drive to get there); but he got to run loose in the brush and get used to his new doggie pack. I plan to work on increasing the walks until he gets the hikes and trips he should have. I don't think I'll ever get to put him to work; but he seems content to be a beloved family dog.


Steak and potatoes for dinner tonight in his honor.


This post isn't about me. It is in honor of our dogs, who are truly special and unique among all animals on earth. Any time and every time is a good time to appreciate them anew, give them a hug and a treat. Of all the animals who accompany and aid us, the human race is especially graced by the presence of dogs. If Golan is any indication, the flexible Border Collie is at or near the top of the list. Thanks, Golan.


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Isn't it amazing how dogs seem to know instinctively what we need from them and give it freely?? Congratulations to both of your for coming through your hard time. Golan is very handsome and looks well loved. He may not have gotten the exercise you think he deserved but he seems to know he got the love.

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I'm moved to tears at this touching tribute to Golan.


It really is amazing how adaptable they can be when the occasion requires it.


As much as Golan's given you, you've given him at least as much. Thanks, Medic09, for giving this terrific dog the loving home he deserves.


Happy birthday, Golan. I hope the two of you will share many more together.

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Happy Birthday, Golan! Thanks for sharing him with us - I'm glad you have each other. Dogs can do incredible things, not least is their ability to know what their humans need, moment to moment.


Enjoy your steak and potatoes with your wonderful companions by your side! Give Golan a scratch from me, and a Happy Birthday yodel from Gibbs. May all three of you have many more wonderful years together.


Ruth and Agent Gibbs

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