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I brought Tinker to work with me today to do chest x-rays. Mom said she just isn't acting right to her. She gets tired after only ten throws I the yard with a toy. She gags after running sometimes or even just randomly in the house. Also ain't really wanting to eat right away like she used to. Oh and starts to pant when she has not even done anything.

She seems to have inflamed airways. We sent off a CBC to ISU. Will probably get the results tomorrow.

Everything else in her looks good, besides that nasty healed break in her leg. Oh and we saw arthritis in her back already. She's not even two. :(

So anyway mom is worried about her little girl.

Thanks y'all!

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So sorry I've been away. Tinker is much better and has not had and more exercise intolerance episodes. We never really came up with why she was having problems. I wonder if it was because the heat finally hit hard around that time and she just wasn't acclimated with it yet.

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