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Petco has pulled all Chinese jerky treats from the shelves

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Be sure and read the labels when you buy treats. Don't buy the ones made in China - and a whole lot of pet stuff is made in China.


I buy squeaky toys made in China but that is all. Almost all tennis balls are made in China, too. I'm afraid of those, too.


And another thing I never thought of: don't buy kitty litter that is made in China. Can you imagine what they put it that?




There have been 1,000 deaths and 5,000 illnesses in dogs and cats and now people.

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Humm makes me wonder where the cats litter is made, shes having a horrible weezing lately, got her a few rounds of steroid shots but that is making her fur come off her poor little head


Thank you!


We try to avoid tennis balls period as they have caused Orian's teeth to ware down.

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