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looking for breeder with nyle sealine and/or away2me farms bloodlines

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hi. i am starting to look ahead to a new bc pup, and my preference is to find one from the same bloodlines as my current dog. he was bred by debbie george at away2me farms, and is from her mr. smut dog and a female named syd bred by nyle sealine.


unfortunately, it appears that debbie is no longer breeding dogs from those same bloodlines. i'd appreciate it if anyone could point me towards breeders that might be breeding dogs descended from smut or from nyle sealine's dogs (i believe ben and moss were the most prominant dogs in the pedigree of my dog's mother).


ideally a breeder using both bloodlines, but i imagine i'll be lucky to find one with one or the other.

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thanks for the information, pam and journey.


i'm surprised to hear that akc breeders are now using dogs from debbie. at the time i got my pup from her, she was pretty reluctant to sell any dogs to non-working homes (though she did sell me a pup, so who knows...). not that akc breeders can't have working dogs. not to mention that smut was not exactly an attractive dog! i'll check into joyce norris.


checking with nyle, what a logical idea! i'm too used to using the internet for everything, looks like i need to try a telephone or snail mail.

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