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Beginning training for a service dog

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We are not in any shape of full serious training at this point being that Gidget is a puppy and enjoying the puppy life and learning simple things like stay and come and things like this but I have been teaching her to bring me things and put them in my hand and or lap when she wants to play. This is working so well no problems at all. So I dropped something on the floor she was rite there and saw what happened I told her to get it. At first she was a bit confused as it is not a toy but she did pick it up and to my amazement she brought it to me and put it in my hand :) we praised her. she was so happy and excited I dropped it again for her and said get it she picked it up and gave it rite to me :)


I am trying to think of simple fun ways for her to learn little things in a manor that is just natural not pushed or seeming like work. She is about 8 months old so I feel it is important not to put any pressures on her.


Any suggestions?

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Task training is usually the easiest and most enjoyable part of SD training for most dogs. The most difficult and time consuming is public access training. At 8 months your dog should be able to handle most task training, she just probably wouldn't be reliable with it yet. I trained my service dog force-free, we use a clicker, and that helped keep it fun and encouraging for him. If you treat most tasks like they're fun tricks, and proof them later, she should do fine with them.

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I just noticed your area is listed as Spokane, WA. I'm in that area as well, a little bit of a drive, but if you're interested we can always get together and do training sessions and I can help you with anything if you need it. I trained my own service dog (also a border collie) and I'm in school to get a degree in animal behavior. When I'm done with that I'd like to train service dogs for other people. PM me if you're interested or have any questions.

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