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not sure if i did this rite


Shes doing just wonderful today She met the mop today and found out why I say to stay out of the kitchen when Im mopping the floor haha she took a slider across the floor looked at me and ran out quick


I will post more here soon as I can get her to stand still for a bit, Not sure if you can see this or not but her fur seems to be changing, shes getting areas where her liver color is lightening to almost a red blond, And her fluff ( for lack of better word ) is getting longer around her head and legs


Thats my beautiful girl




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When you go to post a topic it gives an option to upload pics thats how I did it, I forget which IMG code works in forums so just did it that way.


I love her color too, Did you notice the big heart on her right front from shoulder to chest? its almost a complete heart shape maybe its just me but I see it and I think its adorable lol

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Oh Lizabeth, Gidget is beautiful. It is amazing that someone didn't care enough about her to even look. My red girl is lighter in color than Gidget, but Gidget is the shade of red I am used to seeing in other BCs. The only other one like Ruby is a youngster that is coming to Rally practice at the club right now. Ruby gets even lighter during the summer when she gets more sun. We call it her sunbleached period! You can see her in our avatar.


Kathy Robbins

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Red dogs tend to get sun bleached. Also, the older undercoat will tend to look lighter in the spring as they're shedding.


Malnutrition can also cause lightening, but Gidget looks well taken care of. :) The coat would also get dull if that were the reason.


As others have said, she's gorgeous. Love the heart. :wub:

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Thank you all, I didn't even think about the sun but that makes perfect sense. Little Gidget sure has captured my heart and oh when she runs so so pretty Last night she got to run off leash with orian they had a blast I will try today to get pics of the two of them together but they are so fast its hard to get a nice shot. When it was time to go Gidget lay herself down and would not come as she always does , so i put the 2 dogs up and went back to her, calmly told her that it is time to go now and offered her a treat. She got up took her treat and went rite to the gate so I could leash her up like a good girl!


Now that is what I call progress! no drama no fuss did not take an hour to get her to come just one little formal invite to my little princess and we were good.



I am wondering about her ears though, they are floppy but at times they do stand up, other times they are sort of floppy but raised, I do not have any problem with her ears just wondering if they may raise up higher in time or if she is just going to have cute ears that you never know where they are going to land lol

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