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Hey all. First and foremost I want to say thank you for all the support for me and my pal Tio. He's definitely moving in a positive direction.

While he's still learning to get his hind legs in their proper space and moving properly he's dragging his knuckles especially on the right side and it has started to get a little red and sore. I've been researching all the various boots available but I am a little worried about the wear on the top of the boot that will occur. Some of the heavier duty boots are bloody expensive...wow.. I was on a hunters site and some were using rubber inner tube and duct tape. Seemed to work pretty well..haha.. I may just go with some PAWZ bubber boots and throw them away when they wear out. Any of you have any experience with this? Remember, I need tough on top as well as bottom.

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Talk about crazy timing... I was doing an internet search to find out more about possible injuries below the hock (my dog seemed very sensitive to the touch between his ankle and toes this morning.. ugh) and I found this!! I immediately thought of you and Tio!




I hope they are still a company actively in business. I just did a quick browse but it seemed like the perfect product for your situation. I hope it's helpful!

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