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Couple problems, need some advice

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So Twitch is now 5 months old. Going through teething, he likes to run up to my lab and hound and nip at them (playing). I have to tell him to stop, which he does for about 30 seconds, then is back at it. It mostly happens when we go out to feed the horses and the dogs are running, he will lay down, and wait for them to start coming towards him, then pop up and nip at them. Worried this is going to turn into him running and nipping at livestock when I start him though. Any thoughts or advice on what to do about this behavior? Is this anything to do with teething and entering his teenage state?


FYI, he only does this with familiar dogs. When he meets new dogs he doesnt do it, and he doesnt do it around kids either, in fact he fantastic around kids, he acts as if they have a 3 foot bubble around them.


The other issue I have is with his lay down and sit commands. He responds great, and sits or lays depending on what I ask immidiately, infact, he practically throws himself down when I ask him to lay down. Here I have the problem is he runs to me to do it. We will bout out and there will be some cows in pasture, he runs on the outside of the fence and watches them, I will give the command to "sit", and instead of sitting there he runs back to me and sits down, same thing goes for laying down. Whats the best way to get him to know I want him to do it where he is?

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as for the sit/down thing, you'll have to go back to the "beginning" in training. start with the dog facing you tell him to sit/down. reward correct behavior. start again moving several feet back from your dog. give command. reward, by you moving to the dog. repeat till solid. move back again, etc until your giving the command and receiving the desired result at a distance. if the dog breaks and moves toward you, a gentle nope or uh-uh and reset the dog in the original starting spot. shouldn't take long for him to pick up .when the dog understands what you're asking, while you are in his sight. so to speak, you can practice moving behind him or to the side, until he learns the command means do it where you are. then you can try it while the dog is moving!

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Yes, this ^^^. I was going to suggest the same. Start close and gradually (maybe only 6 inches at first) increase the distance. No reward if he comes toward you to sit. Also, when you treat to reward, either throw the treat toward the dog or walk to the dog to treat. Do not ask the dog to come to you to receive the treat after he sits at a distance.


Tether him to you to control his behavior around the other dogs in those situations where he is likely to act out. Try to keep him with you ( if that is what you want) with voice and/or treats and/or toys. i.e. distract him from the other dogs.

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