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Is my puppy a border collie? Help!

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Hi! We got our Noah when he was 10 weeks old, and told he was a tri color mini aussie from a breeder. I don't think he looks much like an aussie at all, and was wondering if anyone could give their opinions on what breed he is? I think he is a border collie/aussie mix. He is now 4 months old, and weighs 28 pounds!!! Whenever people ask his age, they say "look at those paws! he's gonna be huge!"


Also, his fur is very short and slick, I was wondering if you think his fur will get any longer.


There are a few photos when he was younger, and some more recent! More recent ones show one of his ears is changing, it sort of just sits to the side now







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He looks like he could be a Border Collie youngster, or a cross. It's hard to say and harder to say from photos of a pup than from photos of an adult. Also it is easier to hazard a guess from seeing an animal "in action" because behavior is an important key.


He's cute and he's loved, and those are both good things.


Best wishes!


PS - I'm really wondering though about a breeder that sold him as a mini-Aussie. That's just not making any sense with his appearance and his size at this age. By the way, you might want to read the "read this first" and learn a bit about the philosophy of this board, if you haven't already.

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Are Aussies sometimes blessed with a tail? At 28 pounds as a pup, I doubt he qualifies as a "mini aussie." The ears are the only thing that don't look border collie to me, but BCs have like a million ear sets, so whooo knows. If you have a video of him running around/playing, it's sometimes easy to see - the shoulders, instincts and greeting rituals are usually a dead giveaway.



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Most Aussies are blessed with tails, they're simply docked when they are puppies. :)

SBW, your pup looks like an Aussie to me, or he could be a crossbred - and what a cutie! :D Judging by the fluff around his ears, I'd say he'll grow into a longer coat eventually. It's not uncommon for puppies to look every-which-way until they are a year to a year and a half old. Nor do all Aussies have that big, fluffy show coat.

As for the "mini" thing ... he's not the first mini Aussie I've heard of who grew up to be pretty much normal sized. His paws don't look that huge to me, but I wouldn't be surprised if he reached 35 or 40 pounds. That's not super big for a male Aussie, but still far from mini.

Enjoy your little rascal, whatever he is! :wub:

~ Gloria

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Looks like a sheepdog/spaniel cross to me...

Try googling "sprollie".


If it was a UK dog I'd probably agree because sprollies are 2 a penny and aussies rare. I think aussies are more common in the US and sprollies rarer.


As the pup was bought from a breeder I suspect that Gloria's suggestion that it is a normal aussie sold as a "mini". If the breeder has kept to the aussie breed and just tried to breed smaller rather than introduce smaller breeds to miniaturise then the offspring could turn out to be any size.

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I didn't directly get him from a breeder, a man was giving him away and told me he got him from a breeder.


His ears are what confuses me! But no matter what, I'll love him :) thanks everyone for your help!

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He's cute. Face reminds me of an aussie, and aussies can certainly have tails. If he was originally from a breeder, I'd be more inclined to believe purebred aussie that just grew larger than hoped.


As someone else said, I'd be inclined to judge more on behavior at this point. In my experience, Aussies are more barky and bouncy than border collies, but of course there's a continuum, and so some overlap.


Enjoy your beautiful boy!



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They surely could tell you if it is an aussie or not.


Identifying puppies from pictures and often even in dog is often very difficult, if not impossible, to do, especially at this young age.


A couple years ago I adopted what looked to me to be a 6 month old border collie puppy. She grew up to be a lurcher. Maybe border collie in her mix, maybe Aussie. Can't tell for sure still.


This isn't to say that the people on the Aussie boards won't have some opinions. I'm sure they will. But they'll be opinions and not guarantees.

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