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Finding a local club?

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First post here (I guess I should confess that?) I realize this is not a local resource, and I have a very specific question..


I have a very happy and active 9 mo BC, and I've been searching for local (to me) contacts - a club, or group, or .. .. I guess it is typical that he learns things very quickly, loves agility type activities, and I think getting involved with others doing this would be fun for him.


I've been using the web to try to find 'sort of local' contacts for me, and to date I have had no success, so I thought I'd post here..


I'm on Camano Island, in Washington State - about midway between Seattle and the Canadian border. I can find clubs and contact in Seattle of course, but I'm thinking there has to be something closer.


Any suggestions - either people, clubs, or tactics to find same?


Perhaps weird, but I have no contacts at all in the world of dogs.. Thinking dogs, this is Sparc:






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Hi Bob,

I am up in Bellingham, there are a couple clubs doing agility up here. There is herding training locally in Snohomish County, I'm not sure about flyball. I think they do agility in Mt.Vernon too. You might try emailing a local rescue operation try this website, www.ravensgate.org


They are on Camano Island, and the person who runs it might have some ideas.

Good luck,


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Hi HKM's Mom,


I am looking for a group that gets together for agility sort of activities and training too. (Years ago, before kids in fact, I had Labs, and used to be very active with field trial groups - it was fun for all of us) I am also sure my Sparc will want to do Flyball too - so either or both - Agility and Flyball.


I too love that photo of him (of course) - If you're interested, here is a link to a larger version of it:

Serious Sparc photo


He is not at all as serious as the photo seems to make him appear, this shows him a bit more in character:



And Caroline, thanks, I will send them an email. (this fall both of our daughters will be attending Western, in your city, so we get up there fairly often)




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