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Been looking for a breeder for so long! Help Please :)

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Funny I've never gotten negative feedback for working with a rescue. Unfortunately the dogs I work with are usually afraid of cars and people and need a lot of rehab. I'm doing as much now and putting my energy and knowledge into helping dogs. I can't see not having a foster to travel hours away. Now if I have my own dog and get into herding I will def travel but I cant turn down a dog because a trial 5 hours away is happening in a few weeks. That's all It doesnt mean I'm not greatful for the advise. Wish I lived closer to the action! I am a huge fan of watching trials and I have been to a few just love helping these dogs out and while I'm dog less and I'm okay with waiting once I find a breeder for a planned litter I am going to help as many as I can. What is funny is a BC rescue told me to foster BC to get an idea and now fostering them (now that I'm hooked) is holding me back from getting my own. Haha Thanks for all the advise I hope to make connections soon. If anyone is going to the fetch gate farms trial in July message me! I will try others but the drive would require a overnight stay. Not sure about planning for that yet.

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If it makes you feel better I stalked Loki's (red dog) breeder for 5 years before she put a pup in my hands. I was top of her list when she finally had a litter. I've learned a lot with Loki and made quite a few interesting mistakes. He's still patiently waiting while herding instructors try to beat ideas into my head. ;) I'm so glad I waited for him.

I'm finally starting the search for the breeder of my next puppy and boy it seems impossible. The majority of working breeders in Iowa don't do health checks or advertise the litters they do have. The few that advertise I wouldn't consider getting a dog from as they don't do health checks or breed females back to back. :blink:

One day, you will find your puppy and I hope I do too! :)



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