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Hey guys,

I want to learn as much as I can about these dogs, and what they were meant to do... therefore--Wondering if anyone will be participating in the SDT in Turbotville, PA May 9-11? Also, are spectators welcome to attend the trial? And if so, what should I expect and will there be opportunities to talk to "anyone" in the know of what goes on at these trials or will I be left to my own devices, taking everything in on my own?



Thanks everyone,



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Hi Nathan,


My name is Emily and I will be there running Gabe (big, rough-coated black and white dog) and Liv (lanky split-faced tri) in the Open class. Myself, I'm 30, small with brown hair. You are welcome to come find me, just so long as it's not too close to the time I'm running. There should be plenty of people there to chat with and feel free to introduce yourself and ask questions, but if someone is getting ready to run or has just run, it's probably best to wait to talk with that person :) A lot of people, myself included, need time to themselves before and after a run. While this is my first time at this trial, most of them provide a casual and friendly atmosphere where handlers and spectators hang out in the same area. Hope to see you!

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Emily and Jim, thanks for the info. I'll look for you as well as anyone else. I'll be the fish out of water, confused, easy to spot, dark haired 31 year old guy.


What is the start time for Saturday, May 10th. Because of work I'll only be able to make it that day. Thought I'd ask here first.



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I'm hoping to make to one of the Fetterman's trials next year :) I've known Dave Fetterman for several years (through clinics). A nicer person you cannot find. But that tends to be true of the sheepdog community in general.


And his wife makes killer cheesecakes...

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