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We are looking to buy a used Flyball box. We have a 10 month old BC that needs a job. We would like to see if she would take to Flyball as many have recommended.If anyone also knows where we can by or make jumps that also would be helpful. Thank You

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Hi, where are you located?

I'd really suggest getting up with a team in your area, or at least attending a training seminar or class. There are many wrong ways to teach a flyball turn! Learning the proper methods for teaching a correct swimmer's turn will help significantly decrease the stresses involved on your dog's front end.



Raleigh, NC

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Haven't been here for awhile....but just saw my first flyball tourney in person a month or so ago. I was totally AMAZED at what these dogs do! I suppose its like anything else....if you teach 'em how to do it properly, it may not be injurious to 'em. But I saw lots of border collies absolutely SLAMMING that box! OUCH!!!!


So, I guess my advice is - 10 months is too young to be doing that full-bore. Can border collies do it any other way? (BTW, the labs and other dogs I saw didn't seem to hit nearly as hard...) I even saw dogs with their feet taped up - presumably to give them more support. Double ouch!


I'm sure I'll be flamed by flyball folks...hey, I do agility, and am sometimes amazed at what shows in photos of my dogs doing it too.....


Take care o' the pup.



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No flaming here Diane, but just be careful what you "presume". Dogs with taped feet/legs tend to be sliders, so they are wrapped to prevent scraping/wearing of the pads on the feet and/or the carpus. Or some people just use boots to serve the same purpose:




When taught properly, a dog should not be slamming the box, although some will hit hard even with a proper turn. I teach my dogs contact with the box is a rebound, not a landing, so they hit soft & quick and don't slam; so even my 4 second BC (picture above) flying to the box at Mach 1, is one of the softest hitting dogs on the team.


If you have any more questions about what you saw, feel free to ask away. There are many of us flyballers on here.



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another reason for taped feet is that some dogs pads burn easy if differnt kinds of mats, for exapmple some dogs pads burn on tuffspun, and other burn on pebbled, while some dogs pads burn on both and some burn on neither lol the tape is just to protect the pads lol


here are sme pics of my babys at a recent comp.











Happy does not have the best box turn in the planet lol



and here is are little Height dog Ripley




now this is box power!


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someone in Las Vegas is selling a flyball box is that helps lol it was posted on the flyball list


here is the post:


We are selling a used Norman Glover 3 hole box. It has

the small ball hole in the center. It works very good

and seems to work forever with no maint. I just put

new matting on it. We have been very happy with it but

are moving to a new hole config.

We are in Las Vegas. Transport to California would

probably be easy. Asking $275.

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