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Masking Female Heat Sent

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Has anyone with a intact female tried or found anything to mask the sent when she is in heat?

Our pet store used to carry a product called No Mate. Which did really help but they don't carry it anymore. I used it on my cocker and my natured male never paid any attention to her during that time. If I didn't use it, he was constantly following her.

Didn't know what if anything anyone else have done or tried.


Ki's Mom

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Chlorophyll capsules is what I use. I buy them at a health food store. The brand i buy is by world organic and are called mega chlorphyll 100mg. I give 400 mg. am & pm feeding open capsules and sprinkle on their food. Also if I need to be around unfamiliar dogs I will use a small dab of vick's.

I have been using it for six years and it does seem to cut the smell a lot. It will turn her poop green though.

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Kristen I know, but that is if you have access to the male. I wanted to see if by putting on her it world deter him. Which it didn't.

We have put it on a Stallions nose and it worked with him. We were on our way to FL with 3 mares and a stallion and a mare

came in. Thought he was going to tare the trailer apart. Put it just inside his nostrils and no more problems.

Just trying to see if there is something I can do with her if she would come in while traveling. She is not consistent in her cycles, which I would of thought at age 2 she would be.

Last cycle she should of came in the first of Sept. She came in the 12th of Oct. As of today she still is not it. So very hard to plan things at this point.

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Chlorophyll helps to reduce the scent, but it definitely does not mask it completely, so you might not have males from 3 miles away at your house, but your own male will still know what is going on.

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