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I was able to almost perfect "sit", "stay", and "come".


Now I had discussed earlier that Twobit is not food motivated and I switched to the tennis ball yesterday and it worked better but not so great because she was so focused on the ball and not me.


Well tonight I took someones suggestion and used diced hot dogs. She LOVES them and ate them out of my hand (rather than me having to gently put the treat in her mouth as she gently took it). She seemed to like those so much that I could really train her.


Now I can leave the room and have her stay where I told her to and then call her. I think she is also starting to associate the clicker with a treat too.



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Isn't it nice when you find something your dog really likes?? Tess is not food motivated either, but she is fond of cheese and hot dogs. For agility, though, she will refuse every treat. She wants a GAME as her reward, and as soon as I figured that out, she started learning so fast I could hardly believe it. For tricks and stuff, I use food treats and she likes that. For active things, though, she wants an active reward. (:


Allie & Tess

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