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I was going to post this several weeks ago before Kipp was diagnosed with cancer. Then I debated waiting for a while but kinda I need something else to think about and want to get some feelers out there in case it takes a while.


So I'm looking for a pup. I'm in MI but willing to travel.


What I like in a dog - confident, bold, a bit pushy, keen. I like the dogs that you need to put the brakes on just a bit. I would like one from parents with no noise sensitivities.


Most likely will focus training in SAR/Detection work.


Time frame - this coming summer/fall.


And, all other things being equal, I prefer a smooth coated prick eared dog (since they're not uncommon in well bred dogs...).


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I don't have any suggestions, but I just want to wish you well with your search.


While no dog ever replaces another, I don't know where my mind and heart would be right now if we weren't anticipating the arrival of our coming puppy.


I hope you find a great pup! :D

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Do you ever see smooth coated, prick-eared dogs in your area? Most of the dogs I know come from the same lines, but then you can see that Robin Q has one that looks very much like mine but from very different lines. I wonder if it wouldn't make sense to go to some trials (if you can), find some dogs you like and then see if anyone is going to be breeding?


I can PM you the breeder I know who regularly produces dogs with the look you like.



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Any info would be great at this point! I haven't seen any locally - but I've pretty much just gotten out to SAR related stuff for the last couple years since I've been busy with school. I've emailed a couple people on the east coast that have dogs that seem to fit what I'm looking for (came across Joyce Grier's Jim mentioned a few times and I like the blips I've read) and emailed for further info about the dogs and inquired about planned litters. I'm going to email Kipp's breeder but I'm not sure that he has the same lines. But he'll know the type at least.

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