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Your puppy might not play with her toys unless you are playing with them too?


Bounce a ball about the room and look excited.

Try to keep the ball away from your puppy.

The puppy will try to take it from you.

Tease the puppy with the ball for a few days, but don't let her have it for very long...

Never punish or reprimand the dog.


Before long, she?ll be bringing the toy to you?

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Our Rob didn't have a clue what a toy was when we first rescued him. Now he has a toy box full and knows the name of each.


Interacting with him was the key. We started with a squeeky stuffed animal, sat on the floor and would pretend that it was alive running across the floor in front of him. Lots of excitement and over acting on our part. Eventually he started pawing at it and chasing it around as we dragged it across the floor.


Rob could still careless about a ball and only plays ball when he is jealous of Briar. But he will go get any toy we tell him to bring by name and can't wait for us to make it come to life! It just doesn't work right in unless we are the ones holding the toy!


I bought him a big long snake last night, what a hit that was!


Give her time it took ours months to really settle in. Get down to her level and make a game of it. She'll get the idea.


P.S. Thanks for rescusing

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