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Help!! Need him to learn

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Two weeks ago I adopted a border collie from the local Humane Society. He is 2 years old and I kind of wonder if he was maybed abused as he seems to be scared of everything. He has gotten it in his head that the outside is bad. If I put him outside to do his business he just stands by the door and shakes and if you try to pet him he pees on himself and whatever is around him. Also when I let him in he runs straight to the bedroom and jumps on the bed and refuses to get off. I end up picking him up off the bed and then once again he gets scared and pees all over the bed. If I close the door he just paces around the door for some time. He really is a good dog and I have no other problems with him but the ones I listed. If anyone has any advice or ideas please let me know I'm getting desperate.

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Hi Josh. No expert on rescues here, but a few suggestions. I would be starting to crate train ? very gently, with lots of treats. If you do a search on this site, you?ll find lots of tips. The crate becomes the dog?s safe house ? seems like he needs it ? but also helps keep him out of other areas.


The inappropriate peeing is almost certainly submissive, and linked with fear and anxiety. It is likely to get better as he gets used to having a proper home. Best thing to do is just ignore it (and do the clean-up later.) I would be keeping doors shut for rooms you don?t want to have to clean up for the moment.


As far as outside goes, make sure you go outside with him ? have him on a light leash ? and lots of gently upbeat praise and high value treats for just being out there, and especially for peeing and pooping out there.


One of your main jobs with this boy is to find out what things he really likes ? he mightn?t even know at this stage, but he will start showing you. Then those things become your aids in working with him.


And 2 weeks out of a 2 year old dog?s life is not very long for him to get used to a new situation. If he?s a bit soft and/or shy anyway, it may take him a while longer to believe his luck in finding a home with you. You may never know his background, and in a way it doesn?t matter. You can just work with what the dog is showing you now, and as he settles.


He?s a lucky boy to have found a forever home, and you will have a great adventure finding out what makes this dog tick, and building up his strengths and his confidence.

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I have a shy & timid dog, and she takes a while to adjust to everything! I am positive that Tassie's suggestions will work as they are what I use on a regular basis with Tess when it comes to new places, things, and people.


If your dog likes toys, play with him! That will help him know you are a friend and not scary. (: Tess is much better about new stuff if I bring her favorite squeaky toys to help her get her mind focused on something familiar (the toy and me).


Allie & Tess

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