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What is wrong with my dog?

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Hi Everyone,


I made an account on this forum to try get a hold of what is going on with my Border Collie.


Jet is almost ten months old now. For about the past two weeks now he has began licking the bottom of his feet on the pads of his paws and constantly smacking his lips, sort of like when you get something stuck to the top of your mouth.


We checked his mouth out, and found nothing. We then took him to the vet, and left him over night. They didn't find anything unusual either and sent him back home.


After being his normal self for a few days we noticed tonight that he has gone back to smacking his mouth and licking his feet.


When my girlfriend went to brush his teeth tonight, she noticed his gums were swollen and his breath had a very bad smell.


Is anyone at all familiar with this behavior? Is it something serious or is it simply just part of growing up and having his teeth fully develop?


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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He might have something stuck in his throat, a small twig or the like. Or he could have snorfed something up into one of his sinuses. Back to your vet, point out the bad smell and swollen gums and add that the lip smacking hasn't gone away.


Insist on some more complete tests - maybe even a scope of his throat/sinuses. Good luck, I hope you get to the bottom of it.


Ruth and Agent Gibbs

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I'm sure I replied to this yesterday . . . .


Given the swollen gums, I'd be taking this pup back to the vet and asking him or her to do a more thorough exam. Something's not right.


There's either a problem in his mouth -- with teeth or gums perhaps, or, as Ruth said, something stuck that wasn't seen -- or something getting on his feet that he's licking off and then causing a reaction. Either way, the dog needs further attention.


In the meantime, I'd suggest checking the dog's environment carefully to see if there's something he's walking through that could be toxic.


Best wishes. And please keep us posted.

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