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TB in dogs and cats?

Tommy Coyote

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Looked it up. Animals do get TB. In the US the white tail deer carry it. But lots of species can get TB - rodents, badgers, possums, cows, dogs, cats. And it can be transmitted to humans usually by ariborne particles that carry the bacteria. Animals can also get it from contaminated food.


Intensive farming has made it worse.


Who knew?

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The reason given for the highly-controversial badger cull (kill) in UK is that badgers can carry bTB (bovine tuberculosis), as can many animals. I saw a report that someone(s) in UK got TB from their cat.


Tuberculin testing of dairy cattle (maybe other cattle, too) in UK was a huge program back when it was first introduced. I have no idea if it is still in effect but since badgers do carry and spread bTB, I would assume that at least dairy cattle testing still occurs.


Intensive farming making it worse? Anything that intensifies populations will also increase the risk of spread of disease, whether it's feeding the wild birds (concentrates the bird populations at feeding stations allowing for spread of disease) or feedlots, etc.


When we had our dairy goats, we had them TB and brucellosis tested. We drank all our milk raw.

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