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Vaccinate before pickup?

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Hi, I'm from Norway and I've bought a BC male from a breeder. The breeder sold all of their pups kind of cheap, 3000NOK/$500 and does not vaccine the pups before pickup, the new owners must do that themselves.

He is a little over 3 months old now, I'm picking him up in May. If you're wondering "Why so late?", it's because money is tight (bought new flat/apartment) and I already have a flight ticket home in the end of May.


I will pay for the vaccine myself, I'm just wondering if I should ask the breeder to do it before I pick him up or can I do it myself?


If it's ok with my dad, we'll pick him up early, spend 3 days at home and then my flight with him is due. My dad/family has a Jack Russel Terrier that he would get to know. I am worried about him not being vaccinated (hope I'm using the word right) + being together with the family dog, which is over a year old. I don't want him to get sick or anything. I've read that even vaccinated dogs can carry puppy diseases, but not be affected by them.



What do you suggest? And if you have anything at all to suggest, other than this, please do. I am a first time owner, reading books and educating myself. I've grown up with dogs all my life, just never had one of my own. Literally, any tips/recommendations you have, please fire away. :)





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If you're willing to pay for the vaccines, I'd pay the breeder to have the pup vaccinated now.


Here's the vaccination protocol advised by one of the foremost US authorities on canine vaccinations, who recommends limited vaccination. http://www.dogs4dogs.com/puppy-shots.htm


The exact vaccines necessary may vary somewhat in Norway, so that would be worth looking into. Just don't vaccinate willy nilly for everything under the sun. ;)


Congratulations on the new pup. Please send pictures when you can.

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Thank you, I will contact the breeder then.


I've talked to vet clinics in Norway and there is a standard vaccination that every pup gets, then a yearly vaccination after that. I will also microchip him.


I have some pictures that the breeder have sent. Here: http://imgur.com/a/cTU1N

He's a smooth coat and yes he is from working lines (other people asked this earlier on reddit). :)

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Quite the handsome pup. I love tri-colors.


I'm not a fan of most of the combination shots myself. Many have more vaccines in them than are really necessary, and the combination all at once can be a bit much on many dogs' immune systems. That said, it's pretty standard practice here, too, and most dogs do OK with them. Mine got them at the rescues before I adopted them and I haven't noticed any ill effects. Still, I choose not to do a lot of boosters.


Annual vaccines shouldn't be necessary, though. Lots of research is showing a duration of immunity for quite a number of years. The minimum length of time between boosters should be 3 years, imo. Except for the first rabies vaccine, if you need that, which is usually given 1 year later here.

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