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question about our bc

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we got a border collie a couple months ago who was givin to me as a purebredand im just wondering about the snout size.alot of people thinks she might be mixed with aussie only because of the size of her snout they say it is not long enough.i dont care if she is or not she is a wonderful dog eaither way im just curious,does all purebred border collie's have long snout's?




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Border collies come in countless shapes and sizes. There is no single snout shape or head shape or ear shape or eye shape or anything else. :) If everyone on this forum posted a picture of their border collies, you'd see several hundred variations on types.

That's because BCs were bred for work, not a particular physical shape. Hope this sets your mind at ease! :)

~ Gloria

You can post photos of your dog here, if you like!

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As Gloria says, they come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. As for the muzzle, anything from a "needle-nose" to a shorter, blockier snout can be found.


*What* she is is not as important as *who* she is, and she sounds like a nice dog. Enjoy!

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thank you guys for the replys it did help,i wasnt worried i was just wondering if the thing someone told me about the size of the snout was true and yes she may be very hyper and crazy but she is still a wonderful dog we only had her a couple months now but she is already apart of the family. posted a couple pics of her but they came up a bit tiny due to it being taken on my phone i think.

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I have one with the long collie nose and one that is about as blocky as yours(see avatar). Of the two, the more "typical" BC as far as behavior goes, is the blockier one. Unless you see something that screams "not Border Collie" then you have a very nice Border Collie.

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