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loose leash walking

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please please can anyone help as my bc is now 8 months old, she is doing well at obediance classes, but we are finding it hard training her to walk easily on the lead as she pulls and pulls they say at dog class to keep the lead loose but hey if i did that she will be running down the road.......

i have tried holding food in my hand by her nose and repeting "heel" to her but she soon gets bored with that and starts pulling again. once she gets to the field and has a long run off the lead she is much better on the lead. but it is very hard taking her for a walk and not much fun..any ideas....please.... :confused:

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the tree aproach lol pull=stop it is supposed to teach them that pulling will only get them there slower, and that pulling is no fun, did nothing with misty, but it worked wonders with my friends golden. misty not one single training method to prevent pulling did anything so I just got her a halti lets just say walks are SOOOOOO much more plesant

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Question, do you want to teach her not to pull on the leash or to "heel" because that's two different things?


If you're just wanting to go out walking on a nice loose leash then you can try the "let's go" game.


Your dog can be anywhere on her leash, which ever side of you, it doesn't matter. Say "let's go" and start to walk while you pat your leg and make yourself look very inviting to your dog. Say her name, rub her cheeks or ears, anything to get her to focus on you. When she reaches the end of the leash and pulls, give a quick snap and release and change directions (don't just walk back and forth, move in all directions, don't let her be able to guess where you're going). When you switch directions turn towards her, it doesn't matter if she's on the other side of you now. By turning toward her you make the turn more visible to her and she will be more likely to follow. When you turn, pat your leg and say "let's go" again. Everytime she pulls change directions, snap and release the leash, pat and say "let's go".


Your snap and release has to be really fast. If you use a regular training collar (choke) you should hear a zip sound, if you don't you're too slow. Other collars obviously won't give you that same sound to go by so just make sure you're really quick. Snap twice if you have to, but mostly they turn with one snap.


Whenever she isn't pulling (yes it will happen even if it's only for a few seconds at first) praise her and play with her face or rub her shoulders (keep moving) anything to let her know that not pulling is a great thing. Stop frequently and if she stops with you, praise her, rub her face, tummy, whatever she likes, toss her a toy if you want, then get moving again. If she pulls when you stop, switch directions and go again.


Remember this is a game and should be fun for her so keep it lively (skip if you have to). The more fun she has paying attention to you the less times you'll have to snap the lead.


When you go out walking you can play the game on and off as you go if you like, it may take you a little longer to get there, but she'll have fun and you'll be teaching her not to pull in spite of distractions.


As she learns you won't have to be as "dramatic" in your actions to keep her attention and before long she will switch directions without you even having to say "let's go". I take my dog out off leash all the time she's constantly watching to make sure she's with me. If she does put her head down to sniff something, a simple "let's go" has her up and with me right away.


(I've been running back and forth from my computer while writing this, so if something doesn't seem clear enough, please ask.)

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What Shawna said. And note - this could very well take a day or months to teach. You must be patient. But consistent. Make sure that any and everyone that walks the dog uses these methods and do not allow any pulling ever.


Good luck.



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I have 2 BCS they seem to have the same problem that you have with the pulling. Its just like the want to run run run and i run with them but even though i am 12 we all must admit we can't match a BCs speed. They enjoy walks but all they want to do is walk faster then me. I will try the "lets go" game with them and let y'all know how it gos.

P.S. What's a halti?

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