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BC or ACD?

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Every Border Collie I have owned has had webbed toes.


He could be part BC. I've seen purebred that look almost exactly like him, but their ears were not rounded like his.


Heavy ticking, smooth coat, webbed feet are all found in BCs.

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Seems like a lot of folks think any ticking on a black and white dog means it's a cattle dog mix.

And a lot of people think any black and white dog with a blaze is a border collie or mix of.


I have learned that guessing mixes is really hard especially since many are not half one breed and half another but a mix of several. We just had a dog at work that looked just like a mix of Newfoundland and Husky. When the owner came back he said the dog came from his friend who had a female Lab and a male Husky and he was from their litter. Never in a million years would have guessed the dog was 50% lab but after being told that, could see the resemblance a bit. And this dog was black and white with heavy ticking! You don't see ticking in labs or typically in Newfies.

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Feist gets guessed as an ACD mix a lot, just because of ticking, and I've had people ask if I'm sure she's full BC-so I wouldn't read in too much to what others think. That being said, could be ACDx, is definitely cute. ;)

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