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Since I don't have an agility course of my own I thought I'd see what people do to keep their dog in peak condition during the off-season and when they don't have a good place for the dog to run.


I'm currently rollerblading w/ Maggie running alongside and I think it's great. Any other ideas?

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I'm in CA so there isn't an off season for anything! LOL!!!


I have PVC jumps, a tunnel, a small table, a small version of a dog walk, and several small orange cones that I use as my home agility course.

You can find the PVC jumps online to make or order, the table is a 3X3' piece of plywood on concrete block, the dog walk is a 6foot 2X4 on concrete blocks, and the orange cones I bought at the sports store. The cones are only 6" tall and I use them for circles L/R, and as objects to go around.


It makes for a nice home agility course to run and it didn't cost much. Other than that, we run, hike, do obedience, and play frisbee. On busy days, I put the dogs on a sit stay, walk 50 yards away, and then call them to me. When they get to me they get a toy or treats so it becomes a race to get to Mom. A couple of these really takes the edge off my dogs.


I used to rollerblade, but I just never got in to it. After a year my blades just found a home in the back of the closet. I wish I enjoyed it more because it was a great way to condition the dogs.

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