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Anal gland issues

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My friend has a bc mix that recently (6 weeks ago) started secreting her anal glands. She's 12 years old. Whenever my dogs have had this happen, it's been due to food. Once the food is changed, problem goes away. Ideas?

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I have a friend back where I used to live who's a holistic vet. We got together recently and were talking about stuff, and she mentioned that 95% of anal gland and ear problems are allergy related, usually food allergies.


She also mentioned that Dr. Dodds of HemoPet is now offering a cheek swab test for food allergies that seems promising.


If your friend can identify the allergens and eliminate them in the dog's food she just might be able to eliminate the problem.

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I agree completely. Anal gland over produce when the body is having to deal with food allergy issues. However, they also fail to express naturally when defecating in some dogs if there is insuficient fiber in the diet. So for some dogs adding bulk helps.

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