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My Nightmare: I need a little understanding and help

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Hi, I've posted about my adopted border collie mix Ziggy before, but I've had a scary past few days and hope I can get little understanding and some constructive help for a situation in which I feel like I have failed. Five days after adopting Ziggy, he developed signs of parvo, complete crash from the active puppy the day before and not eating. I was horrified when the vet gave the diagnosis, but it was caught very early on and after three days in the hospital he is back to his energetic/happy self. I spoke with his foster mom (I adopted him through Petsmart) and she claims to have vaccinated him herself, which I know is possible and being a nurse she was probably confident that she did the right thing, but I am a little skeptical about whether it was done correctly. I also know that no vaccine is absolutely effective, so this may have happened despite the vaccine. That aside, I understand he could have caught it from anywhere and that it is almost considered ubiquitous in the environment. I feel like it was my fault, and it really hadn't crossed my mind with a 9 month old puppy to ask about his other vaccinations besides rabies. Now here is my dilemma. Because he is recovering and is still shedding the virus, it may be a month before I'll actually be able to take him out on normal walks, besides the limited area where I take him to do his business and back home. I've been trying to work on training or anything to keep him busy, but after a bout of escalating mouthiness and running figure eights around my apartment, I'm scared that in the next few weeks he's going to become unmanageable if I can't find a way to let out his energy. He is no longer feeling crumby, but at maximum energy level and my fear that he may develop problematic habits is growing. Has anyone had to keep a border collie on lockdown for a long period of time? I want to hope that we'll get through this period without him doing things that might force the neighbors to complain, up until this point he's been perfect but I think he's already starting to show effects of not getting enough exercise.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Training. :)

Physical exercise alone is not all a border collie needs. Maybe your boy can't go places, but you can involve his mind. Try training him to tricks, work on basic obedience, have him "work" for treats like having him stay while you hide a goodie or favorite toy and then ask him to go find it. Teach him the names of his toys and teach him how to pick one over the other, and work your way up to knowing several toys. Play games with him in the yard and teach him little "jobs" around the house like putting toys away or picking things up.

Involve his mind while his body recovers and you'll both do okay. :)

Very glad the little guy is okay!

~ Gloria

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Exercise his mind. Do lots of fun training sessions. Basic obedience. Tricks. Hide his toy and have him sniff it out. Play tug of war. Teach him to wait and then release him to grab a toy that is several feet away. Teach him.the name of different toys. The excitement and fun of a brain workout will tire him.as much or more than physical exercise.

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Take him for rides in your car. A long car ride relaxes a lot of dogs. Give him a frozen kong to gnaw on.


If he likes people, ask your friends who like dogs to visit for a while. Check with your vet, but if you're able to leave the house without fear of taking the virus with you, then I'd think you could have friends over.


If he doesn't like people, you could even use this time to get him used to visitors.


Good luck - this is tough, but it will be over.


Ruth and Agent Gibbs

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Thanks for the reassurance :) We'll be doing lots of hide and seek, it seems, and lots of training. He doesn't seem to care that the only "treat" he is getting right now is his prescription kibble, so I suppose we're good to go. I'm glad my school quarter is about to end and I'll have two weeks just me and him with no other commitments.


urge to herd, Taking rides in the car seems like a great idea! I usually enjoy just driving to clear my own head sometimes so maybe it'll make him feel like we're doing something exciting.

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Agreed with the above posts^^....I do a lot of the stuff mentioned above with my gal on nasty weather days when it's just not possible to go out.


I also highly recommend mentally stimulating toys.


I bought this for Dublin a few months ago and it can occupy her easily for half an hour to 45 minutes. I had gotten her the Buster Cube, but it doesn't roll as easily as this and she lost interest fast. http://www.shopourpets.com/OurPets-IQ-Treat-Ball--5-Ball_p_166.html


There are lots of great toys like this out there! The company Petsafe also has some pretty good mentally stimulating toys.

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