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Just adopted a BC puppy (possibly purebed, maybe not--either way...) and she is seemingly just B&W but as soon as I got her home I realized she has tan on the inside of her ears, and on her back leg (at least one) where the black comes down past her hock (using horse terms here, not sure what it is for a dog LOL) she has a slight brushing of tan just before the white starts. She also has a brushing of tan on her cheeks.


what's kind of making me scratch my head is for now, and admittedly she doesnt sit still very long when I try to look closer, she doesn't have tan spots on her eyebrows like basically every other tri or black and tan dog I have ever seen.


My aussie is a tri, and her markings are very defined.


My pup's are less defined and clearly more subtle and the tan seems to be blended with the black, but it only appears in the same pattern as a tri minus any apparent hairs on her eye brow.


can someone explain that to me? Maybe as she gets bigger, she may have a few more tan hairs up there. Maybe I just can't spot all 3 of them LOL.


Here you can see her ears, where the tan is the most defined. You can somewhat see it on her back leg, maybe her cheek too.


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My barely-there tri has about six tan hairs total. Some of his littermates look like the classic tri, but the other's barely show it.


You can see the tan on his hind leg, and the barest hint of eyebrows. The person at the licensing place didn't believe me when I wrote "black/white/tan" on the sheet.


Here's Hoot, in front of what he thinks is the biggest pile of toys, ever.




You should name your puppy Mine. I have a bad case of puppy fever :)

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It looks like Hoot has brindle points rather than the classic solid tan, so there's another genetic modifier to his tan points.


If I'm correct in what I'm seeing, then it stands to reason that the eyebrows wouldn't be as distinctly tan as in a regular tri. They're banded tan and black just like the bridle on his leg.


My brindle point tri's eyebrows are like this, too, though they're larger and extend down the inside of his eyes, so they're easier to see.


Hoot's a very handsome guy. Love his toy pile. ;)

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