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Hi Carole


I thought I posted a reply to this yesterday ? obviously I had finger trouble!


Anyway ? sounds as though you and Rose are making great progress. I?m no expert, but I try to solve the juggling problem by having the treats in a zip plastic bag, and have that, with the zip open, either in my pocket or in a treat pouch belt. I hold the clicker between my thumb and first two fingers, and then have a few treats in the rest of my palm held by the last 2 fingers, ready to deliver quickly. Actually, some of the books say that after a while, when the dog is used to the clicker, the speed of the treat delivery is not so critical ? it?s the timing of the click that?s critical ? that?s what marks the desired behaviour.


On the jumping thing, it?s a pain that a lot of these dogs just love faces. As well as making it very clear to Rose that the jumping is not allowed, you can be training her and your visitors that she doesn?t get any attention if she doesn?t have ?4 on the floor? in a sit or stand. She can be on lead to help with this at first. The humans need to learn to turn their heads or backs away from the dog, and fold their arms, and not look at her. When she?s sitting or whatever, they can pet her, but be ready to keep her down, or stop completely if she jumps again. You can practice getting the sit command in and maybe cue it with something like ?say hello nicely?. I have also trained my problem jumping up boy to ?hug? on command ? but I still need to watch him when he first greets people to make sure he doesn?t jump in that first excitement.


Look forward to seeing pics.

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hi pixie, i no nothing about working with bc's, mine is just 11 weeks old. my australian cattle dog was terrible on leash, we joined an obd class in hopes that would help, it didn't she actually got depressed and would stay in a funk for days. i finally decided as a herding dog at my side was not where she was comfortable or happy. we took a savaticle from class. i started working off leash in a fenced yard. put her favorite treat in my hand and started walking, asking her to heel telling her she was a good dog for following along closely, praising the bageeses out of her if she stayed in postion for any length of time. when we returned to class on graduation night she was the only 6 mth old puppy to graduate at the top of the class doing all her work off leash, she then finished her second obd class in 2 weeks the third we just did for fun. all off leash because she just could'nt handle it. she never ran away once i left the yard, she was never more then a foot step behind me always herding to left and right. i miss her terribly, i think i need to stop now. thanks for letting me go on about skippy.

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