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Flatcreek border collie breeder shut down...

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If he didn't want to have that many dogs, then why let them keep producing puppies?!


It never ceases to amaze me what BS people will try to have others believe. <sigh>

Maybe he doesn't know what causes that...


The article also says he got in a no kill situation, that when dogs reached a certain age, others would put them down but for him it was no way. What age do you think that was? 4? 5? It's not like they are a bunch of old dogs, they just look that way from starvation.


Like you, it never ceases to amaze and sicken me what BS people will try to pass off.

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GHF posted an update a couple days ago:



17 dogs with other rescues (NEBCR, BRBCR)

18+1 at GHF, the last one bolted during transit and was found after an extensive and tragic search where one volunteer lost his dog to a freak car accident.


11 dogs from the last seizure still in limbo with a court case on 10 March.

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The court hearing scheduled for 3/10 has been rescheduled yet again, because Herbert Weich doesn't have a lawyer. Lillie Goodrich of Glen Highland Farm and the president of New England Border Collie Rescue were set to attend.


He's had more than a month to secure an attorney after the last date was postponed because he showed up without representation.


I wonder what happened to the guy who the new FB page was raising funds to hire for him. Hopefully there weren't as many people willing to chip in to defend this guy as they'd anticipated.

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Unless this judge is very different from every judge I have known and known of, the judge will get tired of that pretty quickly and decide that he is purposely disrespecting the court and will take measures to advance this case. Judges do not like their time being wasted.

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I've also found out that it's for the civil case that Weich has no representation. For the criminal case he has a public defender, though I have no idea what the timeline is for that one.


The attorney he had gotten through donations (in part, at least, through that FB page) took the case to a certain point and then dropped out. Don't know what the reason for that was.

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They are, but they're still in limbo. No matter how well they progress, and some of them are pretty young and may come around fairly easily based on what we've seen with some of the others, they can't be put up for adoption. This stretches the rescues' resources. Even if someone else is paying for their care -- and I don't know if they're paying for food or just for medical care -- it means that there are fewer foster homes or spots at GHF's main facility open for other dogs to come in. I can't speak for all rescues, but the ones I've worked with have always had waiting lists of dogs needing to come in and/or have had to turn dogs away because there's just not enough space to meet the need. So,, there are consequences beyond these particular dogs.


I just hope these dogs' fates are determined before any of them could have been adopted . . . as long as the determination ends up being that they're taken away from Weich, of course. <_<

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Posted yesterday on Glen Highland Farm's FB page:


Update on the Sprakers case... Weich had his arraignment on 3/17. We were told his public defender was in court at the time and the judge decided to arraign Herbert. The court date is set for sometime in May. That is all the information we have at this time.


Small progress, but at least there's a court date set. And I'm assuming this is the criminal case rather than the civil case, but I can't say that with any certainty.

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  • 1 month later...

There was finally a court date!


From Glen Highland Farm's FB page yesterday:

UPDATE on the FLAT CREEK situation - The 11 'formerly Flat Creek Border Collies' ARE NOW LEGALLY RESCUED BORDER COLLIES!! Everyone at GHF is celebrating, hugging these dogs who now can officially find new lives! Thank you everyone for your caring hearts! - Lillie


From a local news agency, the original update...

"UPDATE on Sprakers Dogs:
The SPCA has petitioned the court to require Herbert Weich to post bond for out-of-pocket animal care costs. If the SPCA is successful in proving its case, Weich will have 30 days to post bond or forfeit animals for good. The hearing was delayed until 7pm, we have a crew there and will have updates when it's over and tonight on our 11pm newscast.

And then about 20 minutes later, the happy news...
"Jennifer Lewke CBS6Albany Just heard back from the SPCA, Weich WILL forfeit the dogs tonight. He, his lawyers and the SPCA are heading to court now."


Don't know any more details about long term ramifications. I understand he may still have several Shih Tzus, and haven't heard anything about their status.


It's far from a perfect world, but at least these border collies will have chances for better lives now.

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Thanks for the update. It has been a convoluted situation, and I have lost track of how many and where they went.


I fostered a FC dog (Gael on the BRBCR website), and am happy to report that she went to her forever (I am pretty sure) home about 10 days ago. Retired couple and the woman is an RN who has also worked at a vet office and has had a shut-down dog previously. Quite knowledgeable.

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Not much new here, other than he gets off from having to pay for the dogs' care and he's still facing criminal charges.


I hear that his wife was the brains of the operation, but that she hasn't been charged with anything. :huh:



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There were puppies that he was allowed to keep. IIRC, he said he rehomed them but there was suspicion that he just had friends holding them for him. Of course, that's totally unsubstantiated.


I have no idea whether there's been any restrictions placed on him about owning dogs. Apparently not, since he still has the Shih Tzus.


I hope not, but unfortunately it wouldn't be hard for him to obtain more border collies once the scrutiny on him has died down . . .

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