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Gibbs had to go to the vet

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Since I got a bunch of sympathy for my travails these last few days, Gibbs thinks it's time he got some cyber pets.


He's not been quite himself since I got home on the 31st. Nothing extreme, but just not 100%. Of course, he proved it when he threw up copiously last night, leaving me to ponder again the possibility of chicken wire flooring.


He threw up early this afternoon, too, so that did it. Off we went to the vet. He had a fever, so he got some anti-nausea stuff and some Baytril. Poor guy, he went right to bed after his chicken and rice and is sleeping soundly. I'm sure in a day or two he'll be back at his border collie best!


Thanks for your support, he would want me to say.


Agent Gibbs and his human

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Thanks all for your good wishes! Gibbs is more himself today, which is a relief to his human. His human also notes that after being given chicken bits as compensation for having 2 sets of pills rammed down his throat, he refused a morsel of mere kibble.


The fun never ends with a border collie.


Gibbs and his human

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