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Our niece is just over a year old. Izzy LOVES her, too much. Since the baby was born izzy wants to play mother. Anytime the baby is upset izzy gets very upset, panting, shaking, etc. When the baby is walking around and being happy izzy wants to give kisses and be all over her. I have never seen anything like it. Izzy wears herself out. When she leaves izzy collapses cause she has worn herself out completely. Her behavior is the exact opposite of aggressive.


We will keep izzy on a leash so she can't overwhelm the baby and separate her to another room. She gets the hint for a bit then ramps up again.


Next step is her crate which we haven't needed for years. Don't know if it matters but izzy never had a liter. She was spayed very early by the rescue.


Any thoughts?

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I don't know how free you are when the baby is playing, but, if possible, I would try to set up some CU mat work in the same room with the baby to teach Izzy how to relax in the baby's presence.


The crate is an option, too, but she might just be amped up in the crate. If you could get her to settle in the crate with a stuffed Kong or something, that might work.


Some dogs just love babies. We have one like that. He didn't get excited like Izzy, but if we were with a baby, he always wanted to sit right next to him or her, and he just looked pleased as punch. Never acted guardy or anything, he was just clearly delighted to be near a baby.


My young girl is like that with puppies. She goes absolutely gaga over them. She knows a puppy - even a large breed puppy that is actually as big as her - and she is smitten until the dog goes over to adolescence! She even crawled up in a man's lap one time because he was holding a puppy (he was a friend in our home, not some random guy!!). She has never even done that with my husband, who she likes tolerably well!! I'll bet she would if he were holding a puppy!!


So, who knows the whys and wherefores sometimes?


My focus would be on helping Izzy learn to calm down in the presence of the baby.

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