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Hi all,


We're in Melbourne, Australia and we are quite lucky in that many dog beaches and dog parks exist but you are only allowed to have the dogs off lead at certain times during the day at other places. People beaches and parks also allow off lead at specific times of the day.


Personally, I don't think off lead is a great idea anyway, we have had a couple of incidences at a dog park where another excited dog almost sent Lilli into a scare frenzy. She loves everybody - feline, canine, human etc but these two dogs really freaked her out and if owners do not have complete control of their dog it causes big problems so my husband and I no longer go to the dog park and have found a soccer club nearby which has about 4 soccer grounds and we take her there to throw her ball - much better.


As you said Mum24dog, leash laws are good provided they are warranted - particularly around suburban areas.

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I live in Iowa where leash laws and animal control laws seem to breed to produce more bizarre ordinances at an astonishing rate. Luckily, I live on the edge of a small town that is somewhat relaxed. Although Huxley is heavily policed and leash laws are rampant the police don't interfere with off lead dogs if they are obviously under voice control. My dogs walk on lead to the hiking trail daily and thereafter are off lead. They are also off lead in my yard (whether in the fenced area or not), in neighbor's yards (with permission), and at pretty much any park we go to. In fact I am occasionally guilty (how embarrassing) of arriving with my dogs at work (vet clinic), a trial, nursing home (200 miles from home), or veterinary specialist only to discover that I didn't pack any leashes or harnesses. Where leash laws are posted I try to follow them but I must admit that at some hiking trails I may turn a blind eye (who wants to climb cliffs attached to a dog?). In general if leashes are required neither my dogs or I go there. We do not go to dog parks or doggie walk areas as they tend to have more rude dogs than border collies will tolerate. I do find it sad that in the US dogs are viewed as something dangerous and out-of-control. Perhaps if more people actually trained their dogs?


Bethany, Rose, and Loki

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All 3 animal control officers on the island are civilian employees of their respective police depts. They work 5 day weeks so the police handle animal control issues when they are not working, the police also handle complaints and also happily get involved with lost dogs, if they can they will bring them home, in my town they only write a ticket if you are a repeat offender or they have to take the dog to the shelter. Most of them would rather not write tickets for dogs but they do if there has been a political push for it in certain areas, we have had this happen at the beach and a popular park. My husband and I once spent 2 hours helping a police woman catch a wayward dog using one of ours as bait, and no ticket was issued.

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