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Hi All,


I purchased 4 Amerucana pullets in March of this year when they were approximately 7 weeks old. They have been fantastic birds - I really enjoy them.


I understand that chickens will molt in the fall. I have been finding more feathers over the last few weeks in their run.


However, I have one hen, Mabel, who looks pretty ragged compared to the other three. She looks dull - little down feathers showing from under her top (pin?) feathers. She is also missing some of her top feathers from around her neck - I can see part of the shaft is still there but the actual feather is gone? I am thinking that the other three hens are picking on her since she also does not want to go in the coop at night, too. I have not seen her actually getting picked on. I see her eating and scratching with the other hens.


I have been putting her in a cat carrier at night for the last 4 nights but she is out with the other hens during the day. Since I noticed the feathers around her neck missing a few days ago I have not noticed any additional feathers missing.


I did start to give them some Naturwise Feather Fixer 2 weeks ago along with their regular Layer Feed.


Any thoughts or experiences? I appreciate any insights.

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My hens always pick on someone. I do like you and try to protect the ones that don't seem to be able to handle the bullies. I'm imagining that the feather supplement is extra omega 3s and that's great. I can't remember the name but there is a vitamin supplement that you can add to the water or the feed with B complex, but then, your feather supplement may already have Bs, so check that.

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Our year old Amerucana crosses (charmingly called "Easter eggers") just finished their molt (that lasted over two months). They both looked horrible as you describe your Mabel. I also thought they had been getting pecked at since their feathers were gone forever and they looked quite motley--and none of the others looked as bad--but, their feathers are all back in and they look great now. If only they'd all start laying again. We're getting one egg a day from one of our ten chickens (same chicken). Lotta feed for not much output :)

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