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New BC is Better than I could have expected

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Charley is a 2 and half year old BC that we got 3 months ago, he is a joy to have in the house. He was mostly crated with a large number of other BCs at the rescue, so we decided to allow him to explore in his comfort zone. We had him several weeks before he went exploring in the house beyond the room with his crate. He didn't know what to do with any toys other than balls and then one day I noticed that he had collected all of the toys and put them into his crate - our other dog doesn't do toys.


We took Charley to doggy school and he spent the first few classes hanging with me and being afraid even though the trainer had barriers between him and the other dogs. The next week he was so excited when we got to the farm that he bolted out of the car when I opened the door. Note to self, tie leash to car. He is doing very well in class and the barriers are gone. We had a minor setback when we rearranged the room and had to move his crate, it would be too close to the fireplace. I also think our borderkitty was picking on him. He started not wanting to come back into the house from the yard. All changed after I took him to be microchipped. We had to stand in a long line of dogs and cats and it was his first trip in public other than going to school where there are only 3 other dogs and 6 or 7 people in the class. We got home and over the next couple of days, the fear was gone and he really began to relax at home and school. This past week he has started to allow the 2 nice cats into his personal space and it seems that he is figuring out what we are asking him to do. I was so surprised when I let the other dog out and when I turned to see where Charley was, he was sitting calmly behind me waiting to be told he could go out. A far cry from the bolt through the door running to the back of the yard barking - that came after he was out.


I haven't been on the forum in awhile, and I wanted to share that things are going really well with Charley and my husband and I are really glad that we got another BC - Romana, our other dog is also glad, she spent a lot of time trying to get Charley to play and now he starts the games, so she is also a much happier dog. I know there are still challenges (he wants to chase cars) but I am hopeful that we can work our way through that in time. We can always head back to school, I am very happy to have a trainer who views each dog as an individual. I am hoping in the spring we can start some more formal schooling activities with Charley to keep him from getting bored.

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Thanks for the update! I am glad to hear Charley is making such good progress. Those shy uncertain dogs can be immensely rewarding to watch gain confidence and bloom before your eyes. I love the story about him hoarding the toys that previously he didn't know what to do with. Charley is certainly a lucky boy to have found such a loving home.


Regarding bolting from the car, Quinn had this alarming tendency as a youngster so I worked on the rule that he could never leave the car until told ok. This included if the car was parked in the garage. The consequence for leaving without permission was being sent back in the car to wait 5 -10 seconds for me to say "ok." For a young Border Collie eager for action, this was a very big consequence. :D Now 8 1/2, once in a big while he jumps out without the ok and I still make him get back in and wait. But mainly he is good as gold, to the point that if we are with a friend who tells him he can get out, he usually waits for me to release him.


Good luck and have fun with your new pal!

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Training advice is always welcome, thank you! My big challenge with Charley is trying to keep one step ahead of him. We are working on "down" and I realized that it doesn't work without the

treat. So I tried using his ball - so he brought me the ball and layed down to give it to me. He

has those big liquid brown BC eyes that look so sad when he either doesn't understand or when I

tell him play time is over. My husband and I feel so fortunate to have a dog that fits into our

household so well.

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