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re: starting 12 year old on sheep

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I just was reading Lilliam's thread and as the topic is locked and she posted as a guest I can't respond.

I know LIlliam personally, in fact I own her Bill's brother, Mike. They are son's of Alasdair's Ben out of a Wisp Granddaughter owned by Ken Willard. Lilliam does know how to work dogs but has been out of it for a number of years, as I myself have. I do have sheep however and work my Mike occasionally.

Not sure if you are aware Lil, but Mike and Bill are 11, not 12. ;)

If you ever are in my area, E TN, you can come work Bill on my sheep.. Seth has retired himself from sheep and will only work chickens and then only if he feels like it. Meg was working my horrible ram when she was 12 last year and taking some pretty good hits, but she kept at it till she had that mean son of a ewe controlled. He's gone now and the 10" bruise on the side of my leg is healed so I only have nice sheep now.

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Lilliam has learned from the best. As I recall, a new job put sheep and training on hold. Hope the lady can get Bill back into the flow for a while.


Joan, the words of wisdom in your signature, "There's no normal life, there's just life," are matchless. Kilmer's portrayal of Holliday as a consumptive, dying gambler/dentist/gunfighter was excellent, and that quote was memorable. -- TEC

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I did manage to get in touch with Lil and hopefully she'll find someone to work with her and Bill. I was in a hurry on my original post and put Bill as the sire of Lil's Bill and my Mike and it is Ben. Not sure where my head was..


Tec, Tombstone is one of my favorite movies. I think Val Kilmer portrayed Doc better than any other movies I've seen. But that's my personal feelings..

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