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Hello all

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My name is Meagan. I have Patches a 10 year old rescue BC. My family and I adopted her when she was guessed to be 10 months old. She is small, only 24 pounds. Her and I have been through so much together. We have been moved out of my paretns house since '09 when I graduated highschool. I was lucky to be able to take her to college with me.

My fiance and I also have a Lab and two Foxhounds.

Look forward to reading and sharing. Oh and also my mom has an applicaton in for a BC in a resuce right now.

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If that is Patches in your profile pic, she is adorable! I loves the split face, what a cutie. :)


Welcome to the forums. I'm a new member as well, although I've been trolling these boards for over a year. There's so much good info to be found here. I don't know that I would've survived Camden's early puppyhood without BC boards.


I'm with Festerling... pics please!! Oh, and good luck to your mom on her BC application. Maybe she'll be a member soon too? :)

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I love the head tilt when they're trying to figure out what you're saying to them. I'm attempting to "capture" this and put it on a cue because it's so darn cute!

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