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Dog Food and the calcium, phosphorus %

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I have been doing some research on what to feed BCs and what to keep in mind with a breed that could be prone to hip displasia and have come to the conclusion that they should be fed a food with a low calcium and phosphorus %. So what brands fall into this category? How is Evo? Origen looks good but is not sold in my area. Suggestions?

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I'm hoping this link works.


This is a list that a friend of mine put together for Dog Food Advisor on foods that have the appropriate calcium levels for large breed puppies development. There are possibly foods that would be just fine not on the list, but if the company wouldn't respond to her email asking for actual calcium levels they were left off the list. For the most part, if it is a good quality food and it didn't make the list, you can assume the calcium is too high.


The first part of the list is grain inclusive foods, the last part is grain free foods.

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Yes they are. Most of the border collies that one will come across are between 25 and 40 pounds. Though there are a few that stay at 20ish pounds and huge ones that go over 55 pounds.

Thank you. I am trying to find out what I should have the calcium and phosphorus at for an 8 month old BC.

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