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Weight height?

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There is none.


Unless you have a BC from a show line (AKC) which stresses size standards, the size of Border Collies can range from mid-20s to 60 lbs (and there are probably healthy BCs that are outside that range). The important issue is whether or not the puppy is a good weight for his/her current size. At 7 months, they should be quite lean, yet still have a lot of puppy energy. You should be able to gauge their adult size from the parents (if known).



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I have female border she will be 6 Months on the 26 of October she is around 50 pounds and height unsure as she thought me chasing her with measuring tape around house was a great game. She is large framed her mother is 63 pounds and her father was over 60 according to the breeder


Finally got her height she is 21 inches at the shoulder



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Moss just about 7 1/2 months old is a VERY lean 38#s and stands probably 21'' at the shoulders. He is all legs. I thought he was going to be a moose, but the growing seems to have come under control.


Kye was a very thin 32lb at 8 months (when we got him) and around 21in. He is still the same height at nearly 8 years and 42lb now which is just about right for him. Still on the lean side but not as skeletal as he was.

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Like Moss, Sweep is 6 mo and 36#. All legs and rail thin. He's about 20" and I think most of his weight is in his big old head :) Height wise he hasn't really changed in the past few weeks.


Sounds like you described my 6 month old, except for the head. My Sammy has a somewhat narrow head with not much of a stop. But he definitely has a big mouth and tongue :P

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