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I can't remember the dose per pound, but the dose for my 36 lb. guy was 100 mg, twice a day. I may be remembering this wrong, but I think you have to be careful to select a brand that doesn't have something bad in it for dogs. I got mine from Swansons -- Suntheanine.


A lot of folks seem to have had good success with it, but I didn't really notice a difference with Tucker. I actually questioned whether it made him barkier, but I can't say for sure.


Best of luck.


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Kipp is 28# and I've given him a 100mg capsule for thunderstorm anxiety. Last time we had storms go through I gave him L-theanine instead of valium and it seemed to work just as well. He was relaxed and happy, instead of tense, pacing and trying to hide. I take it as well from time to time - if my mind is racing amd just won't turn off at night or if I'm keyed up studying for something and getting overwhelmed/can't focus. It really does seem to make a difference. I get the NOW brand from Amazon.

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