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Vashon Sheepdog Classic Video

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Dave -- Excellent videos, as always. Thank you. What a beautiful location.


About how long was the outrun?


Is the camera vantage point the same for the handler, meaning that sheep temporarily go out of view for him/her? Was there an acceptable line that kept them always in sight?


Does handler lose points if he were to intentionally bend/curve the line to keep sheep, for the most part, in view?-- Thanks, TEC

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approximately 450 yards. this course was set up to have four blind spots on the line. one in the fetch and three in the drive. some were relatively short, others, depending on how well your drive was going seemed very long. lastly, no. you could keep your sheep in view but you would have been off line and losing points. you might have been able to skirt the blind spot to the drive away panel but just barely and you would have been right on the edge... leaving it up to the judge to take points or not. As most top handlers will tell you, don't leave it up to the judge. make it hard for them to take points from you.

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...you could keep your sheep in view but you would have been off line and losing points...

Thank you.


I tend to hold my breath when dog and sheep disappear. It's getting more difficult...not breathing, I mean. Sometimes it works, and they stay right on line :mellow:


There should be bonus points added for, "creative minor line adjustments due to the terrain," but that's just me.


Seriously, thank you for sharing your knowledge. -- Regards, TEC

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