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So I rescued my puppy about 3 months ago making her around 6 months old. They said she was around 3 when we got her and she recently lost all her teeth and her adult teeth have almost grown in completely, so I'm assuming she's around 6 months. Whenever I go on walks or to the dog park a lot of people ask if she's a border collie, but asks what she's mixed with. Other people don't see border collie at all. I only see border collie, but see the confusion with the shorter hair. She's around 40lbs, give or take. What do you guys think?


I don't really have good pictures of her standing up, but she's pretty lean. She's sleeping now but maybe I'll take one and post it.




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To me, she looks like a Blue Heeler - BC cross. There are quite of few of them around locally and she looks just like them. That said, I am not an expert and it is quite possible she is all BC.


Yeah, I have had someone ask me if she was a cattle dog before, I also got pitbull a couple of times, but I really can't see that at all.

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I don't see a thin tail--I have border collies with thinner tails. She does have a blocky head, but I know of more than one border collie with a very blocky head too. As Mara said, it may be easier to guess at a breed(s) based on her behavior than just on her looks.


She's gorgeous!



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40 lbs is big for a 6 month old BC, so could be a cross with a bigger dog breed. But my first BC was over 40lbs at 6 months. he was a giant boy. I also know several smooth-coat BC's with heavy ticking that look similar to this, so doesn't automatically mean ACD. Cute for sure!

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