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Dew claws and 6th pad ?

Kian's Mom

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I had to look the proper name up, because I've never actually thought about it until my boy skinned his this last week. But that "extra" pad is called the carpal pad. They're to help with traction when a dog is walking downhill. Or, in the case of my dog, when working uber-low and being all stylish and dorky and stuff. :P

As for dew claw removal, I am not in favor of it unless there's a medical reason for the procedure. I believe it is quite painful and I wouldn't do it unless it's necessary for reasons of health or wellness.

Just my tuppence. :)

~ Gloria

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The front dewclaws provide traction in sharp turns and protection for the joint. I would never choose to remove one (it's like taking off a little finger) unless it was medically necessary. Rear dewclaws are often not firmly attached at all, can be quite floppy and likely to tear. The fronts are not like that.

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