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National Finals 2013

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Dose anyone know where or if they have the registered Handlers and Dogs listed on the Sheep Dogs Finals page or web site, for this years Finals in Virginia? Or is there another site where I can find out? Thanks

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My understanding is that nothing is official until Sept. 1. There are a lot of dogs/handlers still "on the bubble" (in terms of points) until Sept. 1, certainly. Some handlers may decide not to make the trip (if the distance is too far); some dogs may scratch because of injury or illness.... lots of reasons why "dogs entered" doesn't equal "dogs eventually running". (At this point, if enough dogs are entered who have points more than dog X, so that dog X doesn't get a chance to run, then dog X's entry fee can be refunded up until Sept. 1).


So this list of who entered only tells you who entered as of Aug. 1 (I think) - there could be scratches from this list, and not all those who entered will make it to the final 150.


I think it's also possible for even later (up to the last moment?) scratches that will allow dogs to be bumped up after this date (assuming handlers haven't asked for refund of entry fee?). Those who compete will know better than I - I'm a lowly (but enthusiastic) volunteer.

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Thanks all!

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