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Bringing a new puppy into the household soon. Normally as they learn the house rules they start to get free time in the dog wreck room (screened porch).


My male is 14 1/2 yrs. loves pups and would think nothing of rough housing with them, however he is not up to being slammed dunked even if he doesn't know it. I don't want him to get accidently hurt. He loves lying on the porch and I hate to ban him from it.


Also new pup will be about 6/7 months when we hit the road for trials.


So I'm thinking of an x-pen. I can section the porch off with it.. Set it up in the barn..take it to trials. My thinking is that as I work with puppy and old dog to chill with each other I will have a safe place for old dog without having to isolate them from each other.


For those of you who use x-pens what size do you recommend? And have you had problems keeping hyper little guys in them.

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