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Now I know what A Snarky B.... is like !

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There have been a few threads about border collies being snarky. I had no idea what it was and what it meant. Well !!!!! a short story.


Keeva is two and had a checkup at the Vet yesterday. She hasn't gone in a year I think.


All the training that she has had went out the window.


First she pulled me like a 200lb dog to the front door.


When we sat down to wait our turn she jumped on my lap and tried to crawl inside of me.


Vet was running late. A young women with a young male mix came out. Woman says is she friendly and of course I say yes.


Wrong, The woman turns to her dog and says "dude you need to read body language" and I look at keeva and she is barring her teeth without any sound at all.


She could not wait to get home.


Snarky post-13260-0-66883900-1377011870_thumb.jpg Really ?



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I would give her a pass too. Vets office can be a bit stressful. Here's a snarky example from my Georgia (who has lots of rules, but won't show the rulebook): dog comes up to her nicely enough, Georgia looks at it like 'eh, you're kind of close'. Dog tries to make friends and Georgia makes a nasty face, growls and air snaps as if to say 'I SAID TOO CLOSE, GO FAR AWAY!!' Dog runs off. My friend refers to Georgia as having a sharp personality.


All this being said, I go out of my way to make sure Georgia is not put in the position to do this, but sometimes crap happens, off leash dogs and people who don't listen.

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Yeah Maybe. I have never seen her show her teeth to anyone or anything on our farm.


Personally I don't think snarky is bad.


Just like me she would rather be around sheep than people and other dogs. <_<

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Our old Lhasa was a JERK at the Vet's office. The vet gave me a tip one of the times that I brought her in by myself (I was in my late teens at the time... Mom was happy for me to have my driver's license for those vet trips!) -- Yawn (or fake a yawn) a few times with the dog in the waiting area. It apparently calms them down a bit. I will say that dog was less than ramped up on subsequent visits after using that trick.


Added bonus - it worked yesterday with my first vet rip with Hank. :)

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