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idolises one bites another

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my 9 week old puppy idolises my girlfriend and nips and herds me every chance he can. no matter what i do he will still nip my feet, hands knees, elbows, anything as long as its bitable!

i spend all day with him, feeding, walking and playing, and my girlfriend is only home for the night time. he knows not to bite her, but bites me.he barks and growls at me.


is he completing with me for her? it seems to be that way.

does anyone have any suggests on how to stop him doing this?

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No, he is definitely not competing with you for her; we can rule that out. It's hard to be absolutely sure without seeing him, but given his age and your description he is probably only trying to play with you as he would with another puppy. Young puppies generally do a lot of play fighting with each other, biting and growling and tumbling around. If this is what's going on, he may not try to do this with your girlfriend because he doesn't spend the whole day with her, and therefore he doesn't think of her as so much of a playmate, or by the night time he may be played out and ready for some downtime.


Although this kind of play is very useful for puppies, you naturally don't want to be bitten. So you need to get across to him that you don't like it. I suggest you read the "Help! Nipping is out of control" thread on the General Border Collie Discussion forum. That may be helpful to you, and if you still have questions after reading it, let us know.

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