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It's Crate Time!!

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Just gotta say I LOVE this forum!!


Well, aside from the pudding poop issues I think it's time for a crate. Right now little Tio has this cage area but I want to start (after the poop issues are resolved) getting him used to an adult sized crate. I'm thinking of this Vari kennel and blocking off the rear 1/2 to 2/3rds...or maybe more. At 13 weeks he can't hold his functions for very long so I guess I shouldn't put away the cage anytime soon for when we are away for longer durations. My wife is home most days and can assist with his potty training but I want to get him off the pee pads as soon as I can. I've been doing my due diligence but any advice would be surely welcome. Cheers!





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I start my puppies at 7 weeks in crates (when I breed so by 10 weeks when they go home they are crate trained)


Rule of thumb, 1 hour for every month of age. So at 3 months they could stay for 3 hours without a potty break. By 12 weeks mine can go all night without accidents and about 5 hours during the day.


Never too early to start with an hour or two. We feed ours in the crates so they love their crates.


Start now, when you can and if you need to leave him for longer put him in the pen

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Soooooo cute!! I love the tongue! Give Tio a stuffed kong or some other chew toy to mess with in there. Feed in there. Throw treats in there and tell Tio to "Kennel" Mine love their crates. They think going in their crates is the same thing as begging for a cookie.

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My little guy is just 12 weeks and he stays in his crate just fine. He has a big crate metal crate so he has lots of room to sleep and move around and play.


I have to be gone for several hours at a time and he is doing great. I think the longest I am gone is about 4 hours and he can handle that. I just get him out to potty just as soon as I walk in the door.


Then I am usually home for two or three hours until I have to go out again. I let him out to play with the other dogs in the back yard for a couple of hours and then he is readly to go back in his crate to sleep for a while.


My dogs like their crates. I feed them there. And that is their safe place during storms.


That puppy is adorable.

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Ruth..she's a he.. :) Thanks folks! He is a handsome little fellow. It's all a clever, calculated ruse though...


Everything about puppies, especially border collie pups, is a very clever and always calculated ruse. He is still adorable, and you're going to have soooo much fun with him.


Ruth and Agent Gibbs

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